Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Recommendations, Please!

Book friends! I am leaving on my honeymoon soon where I will lit'rully be Beach Reading. While organizing myself to go, I realized that all of the books on my nightstand pile are, well, not fun. What are some good, fun-but-not-totally-trashy pleasure reads I should grab before I skedaddle?
I trust you all implicitly and eagerly await your thoughts.


  1. I'm sure you've already read some of these but my two cents;
    The Devil in the White City
    His Dark Materials
    The Big Over Easy
    Weetzie Bat

  2. The Antelope in the Living Room: Not sure if you have a Kindle and can download it. If not, I can definitely let you borrow it when you get back. Its a cute, hilarious read about marriage from the female perspective. Umm I remember reading passages to (my) Tim that had us both in tears. for the synopsis Go to:

    1. A perfect book to read on the flight as you start your honeymoon. Seriously. I Lol'd like the whole time.

  3. 11/22/63 is great! Grabbed me right away!