Monday, January 4, 2016

Monthly Reading Themes

Hey Book Lovers! 

Every month we will have a theme, and your challenge will be to read one book of your choosing in that category (of your many). It'll be a fun way to all connect and get out of our comfort zones as we take this journey together. The monthly themes to follow (but I'll remind you as we go too): 

JANUARY: What I Should Have Read in High School. 

Never read Pride and Prejudice but have seen Bridget Jones' Diary at least 20 times? Wrote your entire senior paper on just the opening scenery descriptions of Grapes of Wrath because you only read the first chapter? Well, here's your chance for redemption. Read a classic book that most people read in school and you somehow missed (maybe it was because you were smoking a doobie behind the library, maybe you were just spending too much time volunteering with illiterate orphans for your college applications, maybe your English teacher was a stray cat you met on the sidewalk and luckily, was willing to work with no Union representation but, unluckily, had no concept of human language. No matter the reason-No judgment)

FEBRUARY: Love is in the Air. 

Read a book with the word "love" in the title. Any genre will do but the word LOVE must be somewhere in the book title. Maybe it will be Love in the Time of Cholera. Maybe it will be The Lovely Bones. And maybe just maybe, this month will melt your cold, frozen, murder-filled heart.

MARCH: Spring Forward.

As the cold, snowy world becomes green again, read a book that features a major transformation. Also, maybe think of getting a makeover yourself. You've had better haircuts (is all I'm saying). 

APRIL: Meet New Friends.

Read the Biography of someone whose name you've never heard of! Bonus if you then start to hallucinate them Angels in America style, they become your actual friends, give you poor advice,  and your family starts to get really, really concerned. "Oh hey guy who invented Oreos. No I won't rob the 711. I won't! Oh you are always so good at convincing me! I'll tell you what, I'll kill all the children in the neighborhood as a compromise".

MAY: It's Too Nice to Stay Inside and Read. 

Have more time to enjoy the sunshine. Get your literary fix in short bursts by reading a short story collection. Don't worry, they are just like regular stories....just...shorter.

JUNE: Can't We All Just Get Along?  

You've been reading like a mad fiend for 6 months now, and it may be making you a little irritable. But try not to invade another book club member's thread or any small island nation (that you're pretty sure you can take). We'll get through this hump together. Read a nonfiction or fictional book set during war times and know that it's never the answer. Unless you really, really want their land.

JULY: It's Gettin' Hot in Here. 

Read the trashiest romance book you can find. We'll have a contest for the most cringe worthy sex scenes we find. There will be a prize, but the real prize will be all the sexy times they will inspire. Who doesn't love all the clothes ripped off their heaving bosom?

AUGUST: The Book Was Better? 

Read a book with a popular movie attached that you haven't seen. Then watch the movie and compare them in your review. If you like the movie more, you may be a heathen but we'll like you anyway.

SEPTEMBER: School Was Out For Summer (But Not Forever). 

Read a book geared towards middle schoolers (grades 5th-8th) and then remember how terrible those years were. We never have to go back. We're never going back.

OCTOBER: Oh the Horror!  

Read a novel with a haunting in it. I prefer the ghostly variety, but, yes, if ghosts and ghouls terrify you, a character "haunted by a memory" will count (but I'll taunt you, ya scaredy cat). 

NOVEMBER: The Real Horror-Election Month.

The world is probably ending! Read a dystopic novel set in the future so we can prepare for a world with Trump as president. President Trump is going to Handmaid's Tale this mother up. 

DECEMBER: Time for a Vacation. 

You've read so much that you deserve a break. Travel away and have some fun! Read a mystery or detective novel set in an exotic location. Also, if you've read this far, you're now legally obligated to buy me an all inclusive vacation somewhere warm. I don't make the rules. Oh wait....I do. I'll accept gift certificates as well. 


  1. Dayum! Thank you for all the inspirado. What a year it will be!

  2. What month do we read books about raccoons?

  3. Never. Those jerks WILL NEVER OWN ME.

  4. Thank you Alison!

  5. This is awesome!!! January:The Scarlet Letter, Here I come!!! :) I specifically remember sitting in English lit my junior or senior year of high school envious of the kids who read the book. It sounded soooo good! But I was just lazy and was probably busy pretending that I was too busy. :)

  6. For April: Can it be an AUTObiography? :)