Sunday, January 24, 2016

2 Down...58 to Go!

Between the World and Me
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Rating: Required Reading.

Written for his son, Coates, writes with the imperative of life and death. His language reads like prose, and his message is one we all must embrace: that passive understanding and indifference are at the peril of black bodies. We must do more.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

"But race is the chief of racism, not the father. And the process of naming "the people" has never been a matter of genealogy and physiognomy so much as one of hierarchy."

"It is horrific to understand yourself as the essential below of your country. It breaks too much of what we would like to think about ourselves, our lives, the world we move through and the people who surround us. The struggle to understand is our only advantage over this madness."

"The destroyers with rarely be held accountable. Mostly they will receive pensions."

"But a society that protects some people through a safety net of schools, government-backed home loans, and ancestral wealth but can only protect you with the club of criminal justice has either failed at enforcing its good intentions or has succeeded at something much darker."

What I'm reading next:
To fulfill the monthly challenge next I will be reading: The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

What I'm listening to:
I'm still listening to American Gods, and I'm completely hooked. (7 more hours out of 19)


  1. I am so looking forward to reading this one. I am approximately one zillionth in line at the Chicago public library - bummed to have to wait as patience is not one of my virtues. But glad I suppose that so many people are engaging with it. Oh the mixed emotions!

  2. Who is narrating your audio book? I tend to lean towards "actors who do voices" more than "great book narrators" so how are you finding your experience?