Thursday, January 7, 2016

1 Book Down...49 to go!

Oh man guys! Here we go. The ball is rolling. I have finished my first book of the year. Now, I'm not sure if it really counts because I technically started the book before I got into this lovely challenge, but knowing how much I love a countdown.... 1 Down!

I have really loved reading everybody's introductions of themselves! I was excited before, but now I am pumped. I'm not exactly sure the form these posts will take over the next many months, but for now, for me, I plan on giving some feedback from what I've read.  If you're currently reading Modern Romance, please don't feel the need to read my comments!

The Book: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
Rating: A fairly middle of the road 5 out of 10

Aziz, what a funny guy, am I right? And he just couldn't stop pointing it out. The subject matter of dating in the modern era of technology and the unique problems that face this generation of love seeking masses is an interesting one, and for part of the book I was engaged. I especially liked when he began to discuss the dating habits of other countries whose views on marriage and sexuality differ from our own. I even liked the beginning of the book where talked about how each generation reimagines dating based on changing views of gender equality and the role a life partner is expected to fill. What I couldn't get over was my internal face-plant at his prescriptive solutions to modern dating. Maybe, this was just more of a self-help book than I had signed on to read.  I was looking to read about the sociology behind what drives our current romantic attitudes and the book just never went far enough in that direction for me.
Also, as I was listening to the book, Aziz referred to the listener as lazy for not actually reading a hard copy of the book multiple times, which I found frustrating.

Up Next:
So I've compiled a list for myself including at least 1 of everyones' favorite books, as well as books I already had on my queue. I also have a few books that I have to read for grad school (these aren't text books, I promise, and would probably be something I would want to read outside of school!)

So, I am now currently working on:
Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
American Gods (Audio Book) by Neil Gailman (Thanks Jackie! I'm already hooked!)
Acting in Film by Michael Caine (for school, but very good so far)

PS. I love all the monthly challenges, and am searching for the perfect missed classic for January!


  1. Between the World and Me is on my list, too! Can't wait. Congrats on finishing book one of the year!

  2. I am finishing up Modern Romance right now! I have enjoyed it for the most part, but also feel like I've been on the last third of the book for weeks. I appreciated the research that went into the book, but had many face palm moments as well.

  3. YAS American Gods! My first Neil Gaiman and I was floored by how exciting it was. Can't wait to hear how you found it!