Thursday, January 28, 2016

2/50: Room by Emma Donoghue

After watching Short Term 12 (recommended by the best movie-recommender, Julie Ritchey), I started to fangirl over Brie Larson. This fangirling led me to Room the movie... which led to me to Room the book, because obviously I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie.

So I read the book! And really, really enjoyed it. I do not have a way with words like many of you do on this blog, so I will not go into too much detail. I also do not want to give away any spoilers, so I will only say that this is the book about Jack and his Ma and their life in a tiny room they are held captive in. Jack thinks Room is the whole world, until Ma, in fear of their safety, begins devising a plan to escape into the real world.

The book is told from Jack's perspective, which made a really dark story have a little more light. I was sad for the book to end and to be out of Jack's little, innocent head.

I would give Room a 4.5/5. Now I just need to see the movie!


  1. Sis! You DO have a way with words! I love all your words and your sweet, innocent head.

  2. Yes, so curious about the book, having seen the movie!